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The live bacteria from TLC Products are a customer favorite and our best sellers! These products have been tested by industry experts and outperform the competition with respect to results, concentration, and shelf life. Use the Freshwater or Saltwater TLC product (which is also referred to as Optimizer) on a weekly basis to create crystal clear, odor free water and a healthy environment and the Freshwater or Marine SAT product (which is referred to as Clarifier) on a monthly basis to help control nuisance algae. If you are having problems, you should dose the Freshwater or Marine SAT product weekly, as directed, until your problem is corrected.

Other TLC products that may be of interest and are sold here are Freshwater and Saltwater StartSmart, Freshwater and Saltwater Startsmart Complete, Super Water Conditioner, Pond TLC (Super Pond Treatment), Pond SAT, Pond Sludge Digester, PondPerfect, PondPerfect with EcoSock, and Farm Pond Treatment with EcoSock.

* All bacteria use should be viewed as a complement to a strong aquarium management routine that includes water changes, close observation of feedings (as to not overfeed), and the consistent cleaning of ALL mechanical filtration. Completely natural and reef safe - not a chemical.

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